Books written by Rev. Scott A. Scheffler

Faith stretches beyond borders, bridges gaps, and breaks down boundaries; faith is in essence a unifier. At Righteous Life Ministries, faith in God and faith in each other are the cornerstones for our ministry.  To purchase either book, just click on the book cover to be taken to or go to the contact page and contact me directly for copies.

Prepare For Rapture, Man's Final Warning

  Prepare for Rapture is about Christian fundementals.  It explains the Abrahamic Covenant and the Covenant of Grace.  It gives what is necessary for a righteous lifestyle and preparation for the rapture.

Faith Defined, Keys For Unlocking Supernatural Faith

  Faith Defined defines faith as a noun and verb.  There is commentary on two books of the New Testament.  It explains the gifts and fruit of the spirit.  It explains a deepening of of our relationship with Jesus.